Corvinus Game Theory Seminar

Room: Corvinus University of Budapest, Jenő Szép Room (Salthouse S203)
Coordinators: Tamás Solymosi, Péter Biró, Miklós Pintér, Balázs Sziklai,

2019 Fall:

Time Speaker Title
September 9, 15:30-16:30 Jens Gudmundsson (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) Compromises and Rewards: stable and non-manipulable probabilistic matching
September 27, 13:40-14:40 Alex Popa and Radu-Stefan Mincu (University of Bucharest, Romania) Two talks on variants of the Longest Filled Common Subsequence Problem
October 4, 13:40-14:40 Rodica Ioana Lung (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania) Adaptive mixed Nash extremal optimization
October 11, 13:40-14:40 Fatma Aslan (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) Core stability of Shapley-Scarf markets with couples: When distance matters
October 18, 13:40-14:40 Ágnes Cseh (MTA KRTK Lendület Research Group on Mechanism Design) Optimal kidney exchange with immunosuppressants
October 25, 13:40-14:40
Room C.426 (new bldg)
László Csató (MTA SzTAKI and Corvinus University) The unfairness of the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying
November 4, 13:40-14:40 Jochen Staudacher (Kempten University AS, Germany) The R Package CoopGame for cooperative game theory
and a uniqueness condition for the Gately point
November 8, 13:40-14:40 Tamás Solymosi (Corvinus University) Computing the disruption nucleolus in balanced games
November 14-15 10th Annual Financial Market Liquidity Conference
November 22, 13:40-14:40
Room C.425 (new bldg)
Róbert Somogyi (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) Deceptive products on platforms
November 29, 13:40-14:40 Dávid Csercsik (Pázmány Péter Catholic University) A possible price-free auction approach for two-sided markets: Motivation and properties
December 6, 13:40-14:40 János Gogola (University of Pardubice, Czech Republic) Multiple state models for critical illness policy
December 13, 13:40-14:40 Veronika Varga (Corvinus University) TBA

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