Corvinus Game Theory Seminar

Room: Corvinus University of Budapest, Jenő Szép Room (Salt House S203)
Coordinators: Tamás Solymosi, Péter Biró, Miklós Pintér, Balázs Sziklai,

2018 Fall:

Time Speaker Title
September 7, 14:00-15:00
Room C:101, New bldg
Narayan Rangaraj (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India) Allocation subproblems as part of larger optimisation problems - examples from practice
September 14, 13:40-14:40 Balázs Sziklai (HAS Research Group on Game Theory and Corvinus) Bargaining power in the European gas network
September 21, 13:40-14:40 Ata Atay (HAS Research Group on Mechanism Design) On the core of many-to-many matching markets with transferable utility
September 28, 13:40-14:40 László Csató (MTA SzTAKI and Corvinus) A fairer penalty shootout design in soccer
October 5, 13:40-14:40 Ziv Hellman (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) Extending Blackwell's ordering by repeated signals
October 11, 13:40-14:40
Room C:107, New bldg
Marina Núñez (University of Barcelona, Spain) Valuation monotonicity, fairness and stability in assignment problems
October 12, 13:40-14:40 Anna Zseleva (Tel Aviv University, Israel) Justifiable equilibrium
October 19, 13:40-14:40 Péter Biró (HAS Research Group on Mechanism Design and Corvinus) International kidney exchange games
October 26, 13:40-14:40 Márton Benedek (University of Southampton, Great Britain) Finding and verifying the nucleolus of cooperative games
November 9, 13:40-14:40 Utkarsh Verma (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India) Deceased donor chains in kidney exchange program
November 15-16 9th Annual Financial Market Liquidity Conference
November 23, 13:40-14:40 Ferenc Forgó (Corvinus University) Bimatrix games: a few computational issues
November 30, 13:40-14:40 Bálint Bognár (Graphisoft SE, Budapest) Stable matchings - An application from architecture
January 18, 14:00-15:00
Room C:107, New bldg
Abdullah Dasci (Sabanci University, Turkey) Managing procurement from competing suppliers with limited capacities
January 23-24 Advances in Stochastic Games Free workshop at Budapest U. of Technology and Economics, Registration required

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